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January 24, 2018
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Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

Looking for quality Moving Companies in Florham Park NJ? Dan The Affordable Moving Man provides the best Florham Park mover services. Licensed, experienced and affordable Moving Company in Florham Park. Looking for a licensed moving company in Florham Park ? Dan The Affordable Moving Man the best moving company in Florham Park. Hire an experience, licensed, insured and reliable moving company. Florham Park NJ’s most affordable and professional moving company? Serving all of the Florham Park NJ and surrounding area with years of experience in Residential and Commercial Moving. “Lower Rates Higher Quality Moving” is one of our company motto’s. We are a family own and operated business, we can provide more value than any other Florham Park Moving Companies. Call today for a free quote. (973) 862-0706 . Thousands of moves have taught us how to move better and more efficiently  the process for every customer and make moving day a joy instead of a headache, so you can trust us to arrive on time and know where we are going with your belongings. It does not matter if you are moving from an apartment to a house or you are moving to downsize. Dan The Affordable Moving Man is a 4th generation mover. Our family has been in the moving business since 1903. Moving and serving the local Morris County residential and business community is in our blood. Our business specialize in local or long distance commercial & residential moves. If you are looking for a affordable & quality company that will put its customers first you have found the right company. Dan The Affordable Moving Man makes sure the job gets done right, the first time, on time and our clients are satisfied 100%.

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

If you need a mover CALL US! We are the most affordable movers in the Florham Park NJ area. Fully Licensed movers for your residential & commercial moving needs. Moving does not have to be stressful. Let the affordable professionals at Dan The Affordable Moving Man handle your move right! If you are concerned with the quality of service you might get from the average moving company, you will be relieved to know that Dan The Affordable Moving Man is the best Moving Company. We are fully licensed and insured and has a reputation for sending well-trained local movers who will arrive on time and wrap all your items before moving them. We provide the most value out of any other moving company.

Need a reliable Mover in Florham Park? We serve all of Florham Park with the most reliable moving services. We are the most experienced and affordable Florham Park New Jersey Moving Company. Call Today!(973) 862-0706

Florham Park NJ Moving Companies
308 Windsor Ave, Hopatcong, NJ 07843
(973) 862-0706

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

  • For anyone living in Morris County knows how intense the summers & winters can be. Fortunately, our commercial & residential moving company, Dan The Affordable Moving Man is ready and willing to labor through the moving process in the sweltering heat or winter for you. Some Morris County moving companies are sloppy, dishonest and slow; the best moving companies are efficient, clean and can be trusted with your belongings. As your reliable Mover Florham Park, we’re committed to packing you up quickly while saving you the headache of moving in Mover Morris County.
  • Why hire anyone else? Dan The Affordable Moving Man. No matter where you are going, our Florham Park Moving Company can help. We provide residential, commercial and long distance moving assistance and are able to customize to your needs of your unique relocation and move. Here at Dan The Affordable Moving Man, we are a full service moving company in Florham Park.

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

(973) 862-0706
We understand a lot of planning goes into your move and we plan accordingly to fit your needs right and to make sure you move is easy on you , your family or business.. Our professional Hopatcong movers are trained to make the entire process efficient and low-key, AND complete your move within the estimated range- BEST PRICING AND VALUE IN THE AREA!

  • Rather than hire unprofessional Monville movers and risk having your belongings lost, stolen or damaged, call Dan The Affordable Moving Man instead. Our movers in Florham Park are quick, efficient and careful; we can help you pack up your home including books, mirrors, dishware, electronics and furniture and professionally stack your belongings into our truck. Our trucks are reliable and professional, we can also meet you in person at our office.
  • With our moving services, you will always know to expect the very best in value from our movers.; you will work with a relocation consultant who will determine the logistics  and options for you, your business or family.

Look throughout our website and learn more about our moving services. From Residential Moves, Commercial Moves.. We also provide the best moving Services, Designer Services, Local Load & Hold, Out-of-State Load & Hold, Container Storage; Dan The Affordable Moving Man serving all of. Call us today – (973) 862-0706

We provide Residential and Commercial Moving Services for Florham Park including:

We serve the Florham Park community

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

( Residential Movers / Commercial Movers )

Our office is located at 270 Spring st. Newton New Jersey


“Your Satisfaction Is My Future”

Dan Vernay Jr.  

Owner of Dan The Affordable Moving Man

Commercial Moving Company Dan The Affordable Moving Man’s  affordable & professional moving services will make your residential move as easy on your business and company as possible. We work side by side with our commercial clients to make sure that all of your commercial moving needs are being met. 

Residential Moving Company We understand your families needs when it comes to making your next residential move. We know how hard it can be to start over or establish your home for the next coming years. Dan The Affordable Moving Man provides the highest quality residential moving services in Morris County.

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ






Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

With a family tradition deep in the moving industry, our family owned business is here to serve you with the highest quality residential and commercial moving needs. Our office is located in Newton, our trucks are located on RT 15 near the Rockaway Mall in Morris County. Our family is all about moving! It’s our business and it runs 4 generations deep. See why we are the best moving company in Morris County. Do not pay the high costs of those big commercial movers, our family owned moving company provides affordable & low cost moving services with the highest quality moving solutions. Our moving company has been a family business since 1903. Dan the Affordable Moving Man is the 4th generation moving company here to serve you with the best moving services in Morris County. Moving locally in or near Morris County? Need a reliable moving company to help your family move & relocate? Have a business? Relocating offices? Our family owned moving company & team of Professional movers can help you with all of your commercial moving needs. We are fully insured and licensed to serve the Netcong business community with affordable commercial moving services. What makes Dan The Affordable Moving Man the best residential moving company in the Morris County area? Our family has been in the moving industry for 4 generations and since 1903. It’s the years of experience in providing affordable, quality and professional residential moving services that makes us the best moving company in the Morris County area. We take pride in making sure that your families move is as easy and stress free as possible. Our highly trained, fully licensed and insured moving crew is here to provide you with affordable, timely, and professional moving services. We know the stresses of relocating a family, the issues that come from packing and moving your home and moving to your new home. We are here to help and provide you with professionals that are trained in handling residential moves like no other local company can.

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

Here are a few tips you can do to make your residential move better?

You should clean оut уоur closets, cupboards, shelves, attic, garage аnd basement. It iѕ a good idea tо separate things you don’t want or need anymore. You should also do this a few weeks ahead of your moving date, so it gives you time to separate your items correctly. Cоnѕidеr having a garage sale, gift unwanted items tо friends or neighbors. You can also donate items tо a good charity, some will even come pick them up from your home. Yоu mау bе аblе tо get a tax break on some of your donations. Dan The Affordable Moving Man knows that each business, commercial & office relocation is unique and vital for business to grow, expand and succeed. As a commercial moving company, understand our clients needs and having the proper communication is critical in providing our commercial moving clients the best moving services in the Morris County area.


Our professional, trained, licensed , insured and certified staff respect are here to provide you with the highest quality and affordable commercial moving services. As your Morris County area movers we can provide you with the best services for, long distance or across the country, we are here to provide you with affordable quality moving solutions. Moving Company Florham Park is equipped to handle any size office/industrial/commercial relocations in and out of the Florham Park area. Our relocation experts can set up a free estimate, give you an accurate quote to make sure all of your moving needs are meet. Once we see what you need done, our professional movers will create a customized moving plan to best fit your business and commercial moving needs. We can move offices throughout the greater Morris County area. Throughout the entire relocation process, we strive to minimize downtime and facilitate the task of moving an office,business or commercial move as much fast, and professional as possible. Our family has been in the Moving industry since 2013. “Dan The Affordable Moving Man” owner is a 4th generation mover here to meet any of your commercial moving needs.

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ
  • PC/Computer & Electronics
    We transport high-value pc’s/computers and electronics. We have moved everything from desktops and laptops to servers and IT systems. Our highly trained commercial movers can handle your electronics with professional care.
  • Commercial/Industrial Materials/Medical Equipment and Products
    With years of commercial moving experience, we can transport heavy, sensitive lab and medical equipment, moving items including X-Rays, MRIs, imaging machines, all industries welcomed

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

Home Movers Near Me Florham Park NJ

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